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Brave Enough to Be Makeup Free!

Hey Pretties! I am sooooo excited to be able to share this blog with you because getting my skin in the shape that it is has been quite the journey for me!

So skin care is something that I started taking seriously a few years ago (basically whenever I really started focusing on my entire lifestyle change) and I am so pleased with where my skin is today. I want to share with y’all the things that have worked for me!

I started using Obagi Skin Care almost 3 years ago. I was recommended this skin care line by Dr. Angeletta Brown and her nurse Kiki here in College Station and I still purchase the products from them to date. They set me my own special 5 step regime that they thought would work perfect for my skin. The first almost 13 weeks was a bit of a purge period for me, but ever since, my skin has never been better. I still regularly go to Dr. Brown’s where both her and Kiki will tweak my morning and/or night skin care routine. They knew that my skin looking absolutely beautiful and radiant on my wedding day was a big priority to me, and they helped me to make it happen. And now since the wedding is over, much like I am trying to maintain and tone my body, I am doing the same with my skin. I actually just got replenished on one of my Obagi washes this week, and I’m feeling brand new!

I have never been someone to get regular facials, mainly because being a business owner (and now a wife, too!) there is only so much time for me to fit appointments into my work weeks. However, since I’m 29 and holding on by a thread, I’ve wanted to focus even a bit more on my skin care. I have only had a hand full of facials and I never really found my fit until recently. I went to Empowerment Med Spa here in College Station and worked with Heather. She has now done 2 corrective facials on me (a month apart) and I woke up this morning, which was exactly one week since my last facial, with the most bright and clear skin that I have maybe ever seen on my face. I look at facials like the cherry on top of the cake. Since I am not a licensed medical esthetician, I cannot tell you what type of a facial you would need, however I can tell you that I am beyond pleased with what Heather has done to further polish my skin. I would share more of some of the products and scrubs she used on my face, but since she specified this to my skin’s needs, I wouldn’t feel comfortable to simply promote the same things to you. She was super understanding of me being a big Obagi fan and not wanting to change that, so she has complimented the products that she uses on my skin to balance well with the regime that I have been doing for the past few years. I was a little hesitant at first, but knew I really should start getting more regular facials since I am not getting any younger. Since I do love a relax session and getting my face really clean and massaged, I gave it a go and chose to do a corrective facial, that way I would get more of the specific needs and fixes for my skin. But now, I will continue to make my best effort to get a facial from Heather once a month if I can. Especially since I’m now creeping up on the big 3-0 (but at least I’m going to have a fun birthday party to celebrate lol)! I did peel for 2-3 days after my last facial, but I asked her to push my skin a little harder so we could get some brighter and even more noticeable results. But I am definitely a “ready to weather the storm” kinda girl because the rainbow is what makes it all worth while!

I also am a firm believer that drinking lots of water and getting more than my fair share of veggies (especially cucumbers) has tremendously helped my skin. Being healthy to me really glows from the inside out and truly makes me feel better and also better about myself. But this combined with putting my skin in the hands of some seasoned professionals has me looking my best yet! I rarely wear makeup during the weeks because I am so comfortable without it. I usually just do my makeup whenever I need to do some blog or Southern Jewlz pictures and then I take it right off. Something about a good clean face really makes me feel good, too!

So since my skin was super bright and in really good shape this morning, I braved the camera all natural! I am 100% honest when I say I am wearing absolutely NO makeup and I did not edit these images one single bit. I didn’t even add brightening, light or anything. I would have taken them in my bathroom to look a little more “real world lifestyle” for y’all, but I don’t have any natural light in my bathroom. So I sat in front of a full windowed double door so you could see the best representation of my skin today. No matter what your skin or you regiment, I encourage you to bare the all natural a little bit more. That too, is super good for your skin to have some breathe time!

If you happen to go visit Dr. Brown’s office or Empowerment Med Spa, would you be so kind to let them know I encouraged you to go? They have been so sweet and helpful to my facial needs and I would love for them to know that I recommend and encourage them to others! I don’t have any type of a discount code to give or even to receive, but being a small business owner myself, I always love to help support those that do great at their niche business. And I’m even more partial to the businesses that are also owned and ran by hard-working women like these are!

Of course I had to keep my unicorn onesie on. Waking up and seeing my skin this morning had me totally in the mood lol! Now there are still a few minor red spots and I do still have an old chicken pox scar on my forehead, but I beyond confident in my own skin to share these images!

And if you follow me on snapchat or watch my instagram stories, you will notice that I posted this selfie once I got to work today. Again this is unedited, not filtered and just with the natural light hitting my face.It’s crazy how good of a mood having beautiful and bright skin can put me in. And another thing I’m focusing on the older I get would be doing more of what makes me happy and puts me in those good moods.

So cheers to today being Friday. May your weekend be filled with the thins that put you in a good mood! For me, that includes bright, glowing and healthy skin!



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    Cameron Guthman

    July 30, 2017

    Lovin the no makeup movement!

  2. Reply

    Morgan Starns

    July 30, 2017

    ??? love this! Scheduled a facial after reading this BC, had no idea how beneficial they were! Keep posting how you stay looking young ??

    • Reply


      July 31, 2017

      So so important!!!

  3. Reply

    Heather McCrary

    July 31, 2017

    I’ve got to try this

  4. Reply

    Jennifer Lewis

    August 20, 2017

    Can you do a blog on how you grew your hair out?



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