50 Random Facts About Me!

Happy Weekend Everyone!  I wanted to do a fun and light hearted blog so you could get to know me better.  I am now 23 weeks pregnant with our Baby Boy btw!

50 Things You May or May Not Know About Me! Which one(s) do we have in common? 💖⬇️🤷🏼‍♀️

  1. I’m an Enneagram 3 wing 2. This means I primarily identify with the Type 3’s but do share some characteristics with Type 2’s. I tend to be ambitious, charming and enthusiastic in my behavior. I’m very driven and love to achieve success. I adapt my attitude to my environment which can make me an effective communicator. I fear failing and being unworthy of love. My basic desire is to be admired and accepted.
  2. I graduated high school with only 30 people, and the town I grew up in was population 876!
  3. Only TV shows I watch: RHOBH, RHONJ, RHOOC, Million Dollar Listing, Shark Tank & sometimes Kardashians.
  4. I have the same birthday as Jessica Simpson & Erika Jayne. July 10 so I’m a cancer! ♋️
  5. I avoid putting up clean folded laundry, but will be the first to start the next load LOL.
  6. My favorite color is pink (ok you prob knew this!), and anything that sparkles. Holographic is an entire vibe.
  7. I’m not a minimalist. Haha, more is more.
  8. My first vehicle was a 1995 single cab 3/4 ton Chevy truck gas with a stick in the floor.
  9. I grew up active in FFA and showed registered Brangus. I still own a few of my own cows to this day!
  10. I was the cheerleader captain in high school, and feel I’ve turned into a real life grown-edition of a cheerleader for many other women walking their own paths to self love, health, strength and success!
  11. I believe when the tide is high, we all rise. I love to associate myself with other successful competitors and people rather than being intimidated by them.
  12. I have a plate & 6 screws in my right ankle. I broke it my freshman year playing softball. (Slid late feet first into home plate, and let’s just say the catcher won.)
  13. My first job started when I was 14 years old. I was a typesetter at our local newspaper and my Godfather was my boss. He would drive me home after I finished my work shift because I was too young to drive.
  14. I have a bad tendency of interrupting people when they talk, and I’m trying desperately to improve! I just get so excited that I have to join the convo. Also my younger brother had a bad stutter when he was little so I would speak for him a lot, which is where I think this trait originated.
  15. I love my friends who understand my work schedule or that social media is part of my job and they don’t get mad at me or offended from any of it.
  16. I am NOT a morning person! I could never continuously wake up at 6am every day. It’s my biggest fear of motherhood is that I won’t naturally get the mom wake-up gene. I sleep so deep like I’m on a different planet!
  17. I bought my first home at age 25!
  18. Mean people aggravate me. So do people who like to troll others just for the fun of it.
  19. I’ve never understood what the word “bored” meant.
  20. I only wear makeup for special occasions, date nights or to capture social media content.
  21. My love language is quality time 😀
  22. This is probably why I LOVE quarantine time to much. All the quality time with my hubby and bulldogs. Soaking up these last few months before life changes. 🍼👶🏼
  23. Our pregnancy was not planned. We didn’t know if we wanted children for the longest time, but would never speak truthfully on this topic to not hurt those who struggle with infertility. 🙏🏼
  24. People are confused by me, people “get me”, people dislike me, and people adore me. It’s all irrelevant because I love who I am! 🙌🏼
  25. I love it best when people take the initiative and read website FAQ’s before personally sending these exact questions to me!
  26. While I have a “helper” wing to my personality, I do want to give people the proper tools to succeed, but I need them to understand I am not here to do their own self development work FOR THEM.
  27. I struggle with cystic acne.
  28. I used to be 40 lbs overweight. Not due to muscle mass, solely from overweight body fat percentage.
  29. I am not naturally thin. Very thick, stout and solid is my build. #BrickHouse 🏠
  30. Currently I’m seeking peace, personal space and balance in my life and business.
  31. While I love to baby talk my bulldogs, I DO NOT plan on making baby talk a constant habit, especially after baby stages for our future son.
  32. I love the word vivacious and I think it helps to describe who I am inside!
  33. I LOVE feeling confident and being able to LOVE myself first! I know that another human’s love (Grant & my parents do come close tho) for me can not compare to the love God has for me first, and that I have for myself next.
  34. I like to be direct, straight forward, speak matter-of-fact and clearly communicate my needs and expectations in any situation.
  35. I go to therapy! It’s the BEST! 👌🏻
  36. I don’t like for people to drastically try to waste my time.
  37. I like to be a fountain, not a drain. I choose to surround myself with others who have this same mindset.
  38. I am comfortable enough to be forward about disagreement and confrontation doesn’t scare me the older I get.
  39. I love being the life of the party, but I also really love spending quiet time at home.
  40. I LOVE home building and interior design.
  41. My degree is in Animal Science with a minor in business from Texas A&M University. I’m the first generation college graduate in my family.
  42. I love to cook and prepare my food 90% of the time!
  43. I cannot wait to have my own garden in the backyard of our new home! My Nana is going to help me set it up! 🥬🧅🥒
  44. I can be very expressive and feel very deeply on an emotional level.
  45. I have never lied about my age (except when I was under 21 🤪) because I love getting older and aging. This used to be a fear of mine, but I’ve learned that life really does get sweeter.
  47. I tend to be guarded at first around new people. I like to make sure I can trust them and that they deserve to get to see & know the REAL me.
  48. I love tropical vacations!
  49. I can be SUPER forgetful sometimes, and even a horrible multi task-er, too!
  50. I believe in God the Most High and I’m forever grateful he gave his only begotten Son so that everyone who believes in HIM shall have eternal life! I was raised Catholic but now am a practicing Non-Denomination! 🙏🏼

Tell me what similarities we have in the comments below! Surely there has to be ONE! ⬇️



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