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5 Reasons Why Every Woman (No Matter Her Age) Should Own a Black Bodysuit

Free People Black Bodysuit from Dillard’s | Boyfriend Jeans from Our Trip to Paris (Haven’t found Online; Similar Here) | Rose Gold Leather Jacket from Bebe (Sold out; Similar here) | Nude Pumps by Jessica Simpson from Dillard’s | Louis Vuitton Croisette Damier Azur Canvas Purse (Read How I Received my First Ever Designer Bag at age 30 Here) | Hair & Makeup by Yours Truly | Photos by my Instagram Husband Grant Carrabba!

Hey y’all! It’s been a few blog posts since I’ve shared some fashion sense with y’all. Today’s look is all about the black bodysuit. When bodysuits started to become popular again, I feel that most people categorized them for only the younger ladies. However I’m now 30 and no longer in my 20’s and you can bet that a staple black bodysuit (or multiple for that matter!) will stay a constant in my closet for many years to come. I feel there is no age limit to a body suit, and read along to hear me out.

Before I dive into the 5 reasons why every woman should own a black bodysuit, let me tell you a funny story about the first time I wore one in front of Grant. I was actually getting dressed while he was in and out of the room and he walked in to see me wearing JUST the long sleeve black bodysuit. I wish I had photo evidence to show you his face. I knew where he was going with his puzzled look, so I just played along for a bit. He tilted his head to the side and was brave enough to ask me if that was all I was planning on wearing. I tried to keep a confident and straight smile while proclaiming, “Yes!”, however I busted into laughter and told him that he would know I wasn’t serious had he grown up with a sister. Once I put my jeans on over the bodysuit, he showed immediate signs of relief and you could see the light bulb go off inside of his head. He even complimented me and said that he liked my outfit for the evening. I told him once again to just trust me on dressing myself and not to stress himself out when only seeing a portion of my outfit put together hahaha.

1. They are super professional under blazers and/or jackets. The reason for this is you don’t have to worry about your top under your blazer or pant suit coming untucked. You are certain to keep your mid drift covered at all times whether you’re at work or out with your family and friends. Say goodbye to any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions when you say hello to a bodysuit!

2. They are slimming! Especially in Black! What woman doesn’t want to add one more piece of black to her closet? It’s a continuous best seller for most brands and stores because women feel slimmer in darker colors. You can’t get any darker than black. I choose a fitted bodysuit because I feel it keeps me smooth around my tummy if I’m wearing it by itself, and then I feel it keeps the layers more smooth underneath and lays appropriately if I choose to pair with a blazer or jacket. If you don’t like a fitted bodysuit because you are more self conscious about your waistline, there are more and more styles available now that are loose and forgiving. I even linked a few below for y’all!

3. They keep you accountable! Well, this holds true more on the fitted styles rather than the loose body styles. Sometimes when managing my weight it is easy to avoid the scale or grab that loose fitting blouse or baggier pair of pants and feel like I’m staying right on track. However, if I’m wearing a tight fitted bodysuit, it’s much harder to not notice those extra pounds I put on over the weekend or Holidays. The older I get, the more I need accountability because weight management only gets harder to master. So for me, I choose to keep a few bodysuits in the closet to help me maintain my figure.

4. They can be worn almost any season, and they are super versatile!
If you get a good sleeveless bodysuit (a few of my favorites are linked below), then those truly can be worn year round as well as those that have short sleeves. Long sleeve options are obviously harder to wear in the summer due to heat and humidity. But the moral of the story is they can be dressed down with shorts and sandals, worn chic with skinny jeans and wedges, or be your 9-5 go-to for the layer under your blazer. No matter the time of year or the occasion, you can find a way to create a many looks throughout the year with the same bodysuit.

5. I don’t see them going out of season anytime soon. Even if for some reason bodysuits were to become a thing of the past, you can still wear them as a bottom layering piece without anybody knowing that you’re actually wearing a bodysuit. I could almost justify relating them to a men’s white undershirt. Key word, almost. The fact of the matter is, a bodysuit (especially a staple black one) is a solid investment worth making!

Excuse the mess on the ground in the photos. I was clearly the most dressed up person on my husband’s recent job site. The things I do to get my blog photos taken for y’all!!!

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If anything, I can say I feel more confident and attractive rocking a black bodysuit. That should be enough reason alone to add one to your closet! If you look good and you feel good, then you’re sure to do good!