2 New Programs at PowHer.fit! Postpartum & Booty/Abs!

Happy Monday Babes! I worked my booty off all weekend to be able to launch 2 new programs within the PowHer.fit Web App! So excited to welcome Postpartum Healher and PowHer Pair: Booty & Abs to our lineup. Learn a more below about each!

All About the Postpartum HealHer Program:

We are so excited to unveil one of the most exciting additions to our business – the Postpartum HealHer Program.  This program was written and designed by the officialPowHer.fitTrainer/Nutritionist Ben Crane.  Here is what he has to say about the program:

“Welcome to PowHer.Fit’s Post Partum HealHer program, designed specifically for mothers looking to rehabilitate from the physical trauma of child-birth. Congratulations if you just welcomed a new addition into your family; we hope this program kick-starts your recovery, and we hope you will let other mothers and even grandmothers know what is included here can help any mother recover from pregnancy related complications they have experienced and lived with for years.

My name is Ben Crane, I’m a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer, CSCS, and currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Strength and Conditioning Studies. I’m here to bring my knowledge of the human body and my years of experience working with other mothers right here to your screen in order to help guide you through a safe yet comprehensive rehabilitation program.

My wife and I just recently welcomed our first child into the world and she has graciously volunteered both herself and her advice as a post partum mother to make this program and these videos possible, so if you come across her on social media please send her your gratitude for contributing to this program. One thing in particular that she wants you all to know is that now is not the time to pursue your most physically demanding fitness aspirations. This is instead an opportunity to set aside this one block of time a day to take care of yourself in a season of life when the rest of your day is devoted to your family and other obligations.

This 6 week program is designed to restore normal function and feeling to areas of the body that atrophy during pregnancy and injure during delivery. We have taken into consideration that some of you have experienced perfectly normal pregnancies, while others have had high-risk complications and surgical deliveries. Every movement has been carefully selected to consider the limitations of most if not all outcomes, but we’ve designed an almost endless amount of customization options so that everyone can scale this program to their ability level and their rate of progress. From everyone here at PowHer.Fit, we are so excited for what has already happened in your life, and even more excited about what is to come.”

Within the program, you’ll notice it is a 6 week course that is completely customizable to your comfort/skill level. If you take your time reading and watching through the videos we have put together for the course, it will all start to make sense how you can use this program guideline to work for your own customized postpartum healing for your body over the next 6 weeks!

Disclaimer: You should ALWAYS consult your physician before beginning an exercise program. The normal recovery time is 6 weeks, but please consult your own doctor to get permission to begin exercising as every recovery is different.  This program is NOT designed to diagnose or treat any medical disease or condition.  Your participation in this program is voluntary.  Cease exercise if pain occurs.

Now for some FAQ’s sent in by current and prospective PowHer.fit Members:

  1. What is the cost of the Postpartum HealHer program?  
    1. As long as you have an active monthly membership within the www.PowHer.fit web app($49 recurring monthly or $507 recurring yearly), then you have access to all of our programs including the PostPartum HealHer Program.  You can purchase a either a Monthly Subscription HEREor a Yearly Subscription (almost 2 months free) HERE.  If you’re already a PowHer.fit Member, you can enroll in the Postpartum HealHer Program HERE.
  2. Is this program only for women who have recently given birth?
    1. This program is designed for women who have underwent child birth, but it can be for women who had children years ago and never got back into shape as well as women who are just now released to start working out again after an injury or surgery.  All of our programs come with Modified movement options, but this program would be the best starting point for something needing to take it easy and adapt their way back into a workout regiment!
  3. Can this program be done at home?
    1. Absolutely!  The program is tailorable for either a gym membership or at home.  For the home program, we teach you how to use household items to do your training movements.  We do encourage you getting a gym membership if possible, because they can come with complimentary child care.  This will really give you the time to dedicate to yourself during this recovery/healing process for your body.
  4. How many weeks postpartum do I need to be to start this program?
    1. Typically 6 weeks following your doctor/caretaker’s instructions.  Some women are ready to go sooner and some women who had more traumatic births or are more high risk patients may need to wait longer.
  5. Will there be specific workouts for Diastasis Recti Issues?
    1. Absolutely!  Ben goes into full detail over a video talking about this issue and helping teach you how to make daily improvements for this issue in addition to the Postpartum HealHer Workouts.
  6. Between Strength 1.0, PowHer Pair: Booty & Abs or Postpartum HealHer, which program is going to focus on tightening and toning the belly area the most?
    1. Postpartum HealHeris most definitely the least strenuous of the 3 – and rightfully so!  This is a healing process for most women and shouldn’t be pushed or rushed.  If you are Postpartum, we suggest focusing on Postpartum program FIRST to regain your strength and become more comfortable before adding more strenuous workouts.  This is not the time to push your fitness level to the extreme.  Overall Strength 1.0 and PowHer Pair: Booty & Abs will do more toning of the tummy area because there’s heavier weight and resistance involved.  Postpartum HealHerdoes focus on rejuvenating the tummy while also strengthening it, but this is a HEALING and recovery program.
  7. If I’m a current PowHer.fit Member, how can I start the Postpartum HealHer program?
    1. You’ll simply “enroll” to the programand begin!  Easy peasy!
  8. How can I become a PowHer.fit Member if I’m new around here?
    1. You’ll subscribe to be a member at www.PowHer.fitor by this direct Subscribe LINK.
  9. What if I have more questions in general about PowHer.fit?
    1. Then be sure to read our website’s FAQ linked here.  You can always email us at info@powher.fit, randa@powher.fit or ben@powher.fit!

Thanks for reading more about our newest program!  Let us know if you have any additional questions!


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QUESTION POST! We are launching 2 new programs this week within the @powher.fit web app! Please ask me ALL YOUR QUESTIONS below so I can use this post as a reference when writing the educational blog posts so I can answer everyone at once! The new programs are:. . 1️⃣ Postpartum HealHer Program – designed for women who have just given birth and released to start working out again. These bodies are very vulnerable in many ways, and creating a program specifically for these women in mind is possibly the best addition to our business yet! I decided to call it the “HealHer” because even though I’ve never given birth to a human baby (lol @littlebarbielove totes thinks she came out of my belly & our neighbor girls have asked me that before 🤣), it truly is a HEALING process in many ways! The official @powher.fit trainer/nutritionist @dowhatyoucant.ig has coached many women thru pregnancy and postpartum, but his own wife just gave birth to their first child about 6 weeks ago. I wanted to wait to launch this program until it matched up with her timeline, because Ben is truly seeing firsthand how to help a woman get stronger, back in shape and heal thru this process. This program will also be a great starting point for women who are newly released to workout after an injury, surgery, or just being weaker than normal and needing to take it slow and easy!. . 2️⃣ PowHer Pair: Booty and Abs! At @powher.fit, all of our current programs (Strength 1.9, Bikini Body Conditioning and PowHer 1.0 which all have home and gym options) are full body focused. We truly believe in full body strength training as it targets more muscles, burns more fat, and send the blood rushing to different parts of your body in overall less work time than targeted training. We do get to many inquiries on women who specifically want to further target their tummies, booties and upper/inner thighs, so this program will do just that. We do suggest starting and completing one of our 12 week full body programs first for optimal results!. .. I know the future success stories from these new programs will be worth all the extra work it’s taking to launch 2 new programs at once! #PowHerFit #ImpactDriven 💪🏼

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All About the PowHer Pair: Booty & Abs Program:

We have not only launched the new Postpartum HealHer programtoday (read all about that above), but we’ve also launched the PowHer Pair: Booty & Abs Program.  Let’s dive into this program a little bit more below!

  1. This is a 6 week program focusing on targeting the glutes and abs.  There is both a Home Versionand a Gym Versionthat you can switch back and forth in between, if need be.
  2. We recommend doing one of our 12 week programs first (specificallyStrength 1.0) for optimum results.  Strength 1.0is the fundamental bases of our fitness web app.  This will allow you to build full body strength and lean muscle mass all over while also burning fat.  It’s then ideal to come in with the PowHer Pair: Booty & Abs programto do more sculpting and toning in those areas.
  3. You can start with this program if you want, but for more optimum results we do suggest doing one of our 12 week full body programs before.  (They Include Strength 1.0, Bikini Body Conditioningand PowHer 1.0and you can read more about these programs on the PowHer.fit blog.)
  4. We do not encourage you doing this 6 week program at the same time as another one of our 12 week full body programs.  If you still decide to do so, you need to make sure you’re at least eating at your caloric maintenance level (surplus is encouraged) and getting 8-10 hours of rest.  Each of our programs are a full workload on the body and are not meant to be doubled up.  Remember building muscle and burning fat TAKES TIME!
  5. In this program we take you through the proper activation movements, training excursuses and burnouts to really build and target your booty and abs.  Nutrition overview guidance is laid out for you within day 1!
  6. As long as you’re a current PowHer.fit member, you’ll gain access to the newest PowHer Pair: Booty & Abs Program.  All you’ll need to do is enroll into the program.  You can enroll to the Home Versionor the Gym Version, or even both! If you’re not currently a PowHer.fit member, you can subscribe HEREeither for the $507 yearly recurring option(which gives you almost 2 months free that’s linked HERE) or the regular $49 monthly recurring option (Linked HERE).  Cancel at anytime with no commitment.

If you have anymore questions about this program or anything else relating to PowHer.fit, feel free to email us at info@powher.fit, randa@powher.fit or ben@powher.fit!

Thank you all for continuing to follow along with my fitness journey and business!  To see some of my favorite before and after photos as well as testimonial from this year, please see my newest instagram post below.  Actually click on the post to open in instagram to see a carousel of testimonials!  I’ve learned that I’m an impact driven person, and being able to help women feel more confident in their skin fills my tank!


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Instagram (pic 1) vs. Reality (pic 2) 😜 . Finally finished editing the newest @powher.fit Postpartum HealHer Program & I have enough of the PowHer Pair: Booty & Abs Program complete to launch BOTH tomorrow! Now it’s time to start on all the blogs and I should be able to be in bed by midnight! Launching 2 new programs at one time sounded like a lot of fun until all the work came 🤦🏼‍♀️. . I would have NEVER imagined having a fitness app. Fashion is my true passion, but the older I get the more important health and wellness becomes to me. I listened to all of you last Fall who wanted me to create my own fitness app, and I just jumped! I’ve fallen, stumbled and learned so much along the way!. . The success stories and lives changed make all the work overload and late nights worth it! Swipe to see/read a few for yourself! One reason I decided to launch this business is because I’ve learned I am truly an impact driven person! Helping to make a positive change in other’s lives fills my cup! Being able to help women feel strong, healthy and confident in their own skin is one amazing feeling!. . Building a strong foundation takes a lot of extended hours and weekends and I’m not gonna lie, I’m starting to feel super tired and drained myself. Hoping to get a self-care unplugged day sooner than later! My fuel tank is starting to run on fumes 💨 Who enjoys when people share more than just a highlight reel on social media? I know I sure do!

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